Fighting for Your Joy | Joan Rupram

Fight. For. Your. Joy.

What does it mean to fight for your joy? What does it mean to claim who you are and your identity? And do so, unapologetically.

In a time where the media, news channels, and advertisers online are vying for your attention and moments of peace, it has become crucial to exercise your boundaries and clarify who you are. As Joan brilliantly put it: “You either become so entrenched in what is happening that you forget who you are or what is happening polarizes inside so much that you start to question who you are.” Connect with Joan here.

Keep reading to learn about Joan’s mission and their why.

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On Curiosity and the Passionate Pursuit of Life Science | Dr. Naomi I. Maria

Dr. Naomi I. Maria beautifully recounts her childhood experiences and how this shaped her to embrace her truth. She is a passionate and dedicated Immunologist from the small Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao.

Today, Naomi is an innovative and passionate immunologist, with a broad background in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences. Fascinated by the immune system in health and disease, she is using her incredible analytical skills and creative insights to solve problems that she is passionate about solving.

I met Naomi during one of Find Your Tribe’s virtual sessions. She currently lives in New York City and investing in her learning and development in the health and science space.

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