Power of WHY Podcast

Fulfillment, anyone?


What is your WHY? What gets you up in the morning? What absolutely fills your soul with joy? These are the questions along with many others that I was hungry to ask…

This podcast is for the people who believe that fulfillment begins with self-awareness. Learn from female leaders and artists who are living out their why and using their gifts for good. Engaging with this podcast will help you increase alignment, ask better questions of yourself so that you can experience greater fulfillment in your life because you understand what you need to be happy.

Pretty early on, this podcast became my passion project – one that is about connecting and empowering female leaders. After meeting amazing people over coffee and learning more about their stories, I was fascinated and believed that their stories, experiences and insights needed to be shared. I had these notebooks filled with content, but no virtual platform to share it… So I created this one.

Be sure to check out my instagram page for more on the Power of Why podcast and my process. I will also be getting into growth and professional development topics on her youtube channel – so be sure to send me any questions that you have.

My vision is to create a community and connect powerful, passionate women who are going out and making things happen. If you can connect with that and are working on something – please reach out to me! I would love to connect.

Naomi Haile