Blog: Seizing Your Identity

What’s Your Thing?


If you are here, it’s because you, like me, want to learn more about yourself and your gifts. You may be feeling like there is a lot of noise in the world around you, which is distracting when you aren’t tuned into your soul and deepest self. There were many times in the past, where I felt I was being pulled in multiple directions – from family, friends and acquaintances –  because I wasn’t able to tune into what I really wanted. I wasn’t able to tune into my higher calling and how I was able to contribute.

My thing is growth through tasting new experiences, shaking up the status quo through curiosity, and community building through bringing together women of colour and allies

What’s yours?

If you are looking for a platform that is vanilla and talks about “fitting in”, “respecting the status quo”, this is probably not where you want to be. But – if you are looking for ways that you can learn more about what makes you tick, embracing yourself more, or owning your worth – you are more than welcome to read along and share your story!

Until next time,

Naomi Haile