Ways to Ground Yourself in Uncertain Times | Mikayla Mlynarczyk

By taking a breath (and freeing yourself from limiting beliefs & old stories)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to get into your body and ground yourself (for the love of nature!)
  • How to work through limiting beliefs and feeling what is possible for your life when you surrender
  • What the potential impacts NOT being yourself can have on your health & body
  • The power of unlearning what no longer serves you

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This week on the Power of Why, I sat down with Mikayla Mlynarczyk. Mikayla recounts how things shifted for her in 2019. She felt stuck working her 9-5 job as a media strategist and the experience of feeling totally depleted made her hungry to search of this powerful sense of purpose. She traveled to Poland with her parents to trace her grandparents paths. This was a spiritual experience, which allowed her to start working towards releasing what was no longer serving her (this is surface level – Mik digs deeper in the episode).

After the universe forced her out of her 9-5 (through a lay-off), Mikayla has taken the courage to step into her soul’s calling of entrepreneurship and building something from the ground up. She created Lead Your Life (LYL), a community and brand specifically designed to help highly empathetic free-spirited spiritual women leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives free themselves from limiting beliefs that no longer serve them and realize their full potential.

Mikayla’s Why

The only person that can really create change for yourself is you. There have been times it gets tough – it leads me to what lights you up. And if you have gone through enough turmoil and you’re aware of what that can create and manifest.

When I was coaching people and seeing them light up from what I could help them with, it also helped me move forward during tough times.

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