You Are Not Your Thoughts | Meghan Wills

Mindfulness coaching to help you claim your truth, own your power, and live intentionally.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why understanding who you are when you are triggered is a part of your healing [13:30]
  • Why self-acceptance is an important piece of authenticity [33:00]

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This week on the Power of Why I  sat down with Meghan Wills. Meghan has 20 years of experience in diverse professions. Her experiences include Mindfulness Coaching and she also has a background in Human Resource Management.

Through her work in the professional world and her responsibilities as a mother, Meghan emphasizes the importance of intersectional wellness & diversity. Her passion for inclusion and equity stems from her experience as a Biracial Black Canadian Woman with a Jamaican heritage.

Meghan’s Why

I enjoy empowering people leading and learning. I need impactful work that supports my interests, which align with my values. Those values are family, inclusiveness, integrity and equity. My intentions are rooted in courage and I’m motivated by love.

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