In this episode, you will learn how Jay built a thriving community of 120 000+ plastic-free enthusiasts and advocates, wrote a book to share an important message, and understand his highs and lows of running a business since the early 2000s.

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You can connect with Jay by email at and the Life Without Plastic community on their website or via Instagram.

Life Without Plastic started as Jay’s personal interest to reduce his plastic-use at home and in daily life. With the welcoming of their son, Jay and Chantal wanted to figure out ways to reduce their plastic-use, after learning about its harmful effects.

Jay is an accomplished entrepreneur, lawyer, scientist, researcher, writer and policy advisor – with this experience spanning the academic, governmental, and private sector. Most of Jay’s professional experience has thoughtfully been linked to the environment and sustainability in some way. He is so focused on being an educational resource around the health and environmental effects related to plastics.

Jay Sinha and Chantal Plamondon are the co-founders of Life Without Plastic and have since built a global community of plastic-free living enthusiasts and advocates. They help decrease the world’s dependence on plastic and educate people about the health and environmental problems associated with plastics. In 2017, Jay Sinha published the book Life Without Plastic: The Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Avoiding Plastic to Keep Your Family and the Planet Healthy. And he is currently writing a book on morning rituals. Simply incredible.

Jay’s Why

There is not just one reason. There are three things that really keep me going.

One, I am here to help the earth. That is the core aspect of my mission. That is a guiding post.

The second is my son. He is a constant inspiration. He is the inspiration for the business. His name is Joiti. In both Bengali and Sanskrit, it means ray of light. And that is exactly what he is. He illuminates my life completely. I would expand that to all children. That’s a huge part of what I love about the business is the impact we can have on youth – when we speak to school groups.

The third thing is putting across this idea that so much of what happens in life and these issues that we come up against (environmental or otherwise) are human behavioural issues. To do with our perspective of the issue. So if we can change our perspective, we can change our habits, and we can directly impact the issue and change our lives. This all comes back to being self-aware.

Memorable Moments with Jay

  1. How the Life Without Plastic movement came to life and what need they were trying to address [10:10]
  2. How relationship building played a huge role in Jay’s career development journey and how he was able to pursue what he loved [14:41]
  3. Why addressing your plastic consumption through awareness is a great start [18:36]
  4. Why Jay believes that all environmental issues are behavioral issues [21:53]