How to Protect Your Energy and Avoid Burnout ft. Mallory Rowan

How many times have you ignored what your body was saying to you in times of burnout or depletion? How often do you sacrifice your health or sanity for the sake of pleasing others? If we are aware or not, our body is constantly speaking to us. Our body is telling us what it needs to be healthy, conscious, and happy. Do we listen? Do we take these demands seriously?

This week’s guest is Mallory Rowan. Mal indulges us in a conversation about energy and her personal experience understanding and navigating burnout. And walks us through how she built a thriving business without sacrificing her well-being.

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Mallory is a 26-year-old entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people create business systems, while respecting their lifestyle. And in 2015, Mallory started a global, fitness apparel brand for the socially-conscious athlete called LVD. What started as an idea crafted for a university course – evolved into a 6-figure business they built from the ground up.

​Today, Mallory inspires thousands online, works with entrepreneurs and creatives who want to build and grow their businesses without burnout. She speaks at events, partners with powerful brands, and is actively creating the life she wants to lead. Connect with Mallory here.

Mallory’s Why

I honestly don’t know what else I would do. There is no quitting and there is no going back to corporate for me. There is one way, so stopping is not an option — I am not going backwards and I am definitely not standing still. You have to keep going.

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