Fight. For. Your. Joy.

What does it mean to fight for your joy? What does it mean to claim who you are and your identity? And do so, unapologetically.

In a time where the media, news channels, and advertisers online are vying for your attention and moments of peace, it has become crucial to exercise your boundaries and clarify who you are. As Joan brilliantly put it: “You either become so entrenched in what is happening that you forget who you are or what is happening polarizes inside so much that you start to question who you are.” Connect with Joan here.

Keep reading to learn about Joan’s mission and their why.

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Joan is an Indo-Caribbean femme immigrant and descendent of Indian indentureship of Guyana. They are a healer and educator focused on ushering wellness as the foundation of sustainable leadership. Bridging the gap between the spiritual and the practical, Joan’s mission is to build the inner caliber of Millennial change doers and new school thought leaders to be and build the change they seek in today’s world.

Join brings an intersectional perspective to their work with an eclectic background in social justice, political science, experiential learning and spiritual evolution. Joan turned to spirituality at 21 years old, and brings a deep awareness of the relationship between early childhood traumas, unprocessed emotions and its many manifestations as habits, patterns, and choices. The journey of their unconventional path continues to inspire millennial leaders to prioritize their self-mastery to show up in the world ready to lead.

“I am very aware that the choices that I make now are going to be impacting my child. And I take that very seriously. I take the liberation of my descendants very seriously”.

Joan’s Why

My why “stems from knowing that I am a living ancestor. It is remembering who I am. I consciously remember that I am divine in nature and I am having an experience. And I thank everything that has distracted me and tries to distract me from who I am, and I say “thank you” for actually reminding me of who I am. I am the ancestor to descendants of warriors. And my work here is to prepare for the arrival of my descendants. I do what I do for those who are coming after me”.

Six Fantastic Moments with Joan

  1. Joan talks about depression and overcoming suicidal thoughts [8:14]
  2. An interesting take on people-pleasing and manipulating others to keep yourself safe [18:00]
  3. Why Joan believes it’s difficult for people to stand in their truth and own what is important to them [20:00]
  4. Ways that you can support your mental health and emotional well-being through journaling and what you eat. [26:00]
  5. Being aware of the things that are coming up in your body and in your awareness [37:00]
  6. How to navigate your ego and fight for your joy [55:00]

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Naomi H