The Future of eLearning & Online Course Production ft. Gwen Elliot

How to Design Your Own Course

Gwen made her first online course in 2012.

It was the catalyst that brought her into the world of technology. It was ‘the thing’ that led her to THE thing. And that is not even the coolest thing about her and her story. Gwen also has a spirit of abundance. She is thoughtful, kind and deeply supportive of the people around her. And her journey speaks strongly to this. Read about Gwen here.

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Gwen Elliot is an Online Course Producer who has co-created more than 30 courses reaching over 450,000 learners. She currently works at Shopify, and runs a small business helping authors and experts turn their books, workshops, and expertise into online education.

After five years of working in the entertainment industry and working hard to bring her dreams to life, Gwen experienced (in real time) what it meant to really make it happen. She interned at MTV, in series development in Santa Monica, created her own show for local cable TV and even produced a show that was picked up by the Oprah Winfrey Network in Canada.

But what you do not oftentimes see, behind the scenes, are the long hours, working multiple restaurant jobs, and how stressful it was to put things together.

Today, Gwen is focused on helping 1000 people unlock their earning and teaching potential by creating an online course. And it is crazy to think that an early experience that brought here HERE was putting together an e-book (called How to Connect with Influential People When You’re First Starting Out) and selling it for $10 bucks a pop.

“Online learning is the path to freedom”

And when she is not working in the e-learning space, she takes the time to build a life. You can find her practicing Krav Maga (she has her black belt), and is also passionate about minimalism and plant-based living.

Gwen’s Why

When things are going good: I would like to help 1000 people unlock their earning and teaching potential with an online course.

When I can’t get up from bed: I remind myself the purpose of being here is to enjoy my time here and hopefully help others to the same.

Resources & People Mentioned

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