Fatuma Kou draws inspiration from both her African heritage and Canadian home – through her distinct art and storytelling ability. She is a multifaceted artist that is known for her generosity and compassion. Check out her work here.

Fatuma’s manifesto is that we each have a gift. And our souls are uniquely crafted to make the world a better and a more inclusive place. Her art is a way of self- expression and to call to attention the beauty in diversity.

Keep reading to learn about Fatuma’s mission and her why.

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I was compelled to feature Fatuma to speak about how to tap into your creative self and for her to illustrate the power of self-expression.

In 2019, I first came across Fatuma’s art at the Women Who Work Gala held by The Embassy of Gabon and Gwen Madiba in Ottawa. Fatuma was showcasing her art in prime space – right at the entrance for people to admire and enjoy before they Gala started. It was through her art, that I felt that I had already met her.

In 2018, Fatuma became a published author and even held her first book signing a year later in 2019. She continues to surprise and delight her audience and her work inspires the community to express themselves. Fatuma writes, draws, paints, and on her days off, spends time giving back to the community at the local shelter in Ottawa, Canada.

Fatuma’s passion is to encourage people to embrace their own uniqueness. Every piece of art holds meaning and is a vessel to tell many stories. She is capturing the human experience through her unique lens.

Fatuma’s Why

My son is my reason. I have a vision and I pray that God continues to empower me. I want him to be proud of his mom. I want him to grow up knowing that she didn’t give up on something that she is passionate about, even if it didn’t provide her enough financial support. That she continued to fight for her art. For him to see that if you love something very much, don’t give up on yourself.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Three Important Moments

  1. Why Fatuma started bringing her community together through hosting Afro Paint Night in Ottawa and how this group activity allows her to share her gift [13:00]
  2. How your inner circle plays a crucial role in being able to feign your fire and also play an empowering role in supporting your vision [25:00]
  3. The power of prayer in Fatuma’s life and how this belief has been transformational on her journey in life. I think it is important to note here the commitment that Fatuma’s has made when she says that she has been intentional and conscious about practicing her faith. It is a practice. [27:55]

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