Do you feel that you truly belong at work? How about in your social circles? Sarah recounts her personal story and how this led her to building a purpose-driven company, Tribute. Sarah is on a personal mission to make the workplace more human centered, by helping individuals feel a greater sense of belonging and purpose at work.

I can’t wait for you to hear more about Sarah’s mission and her why.

I wanted to bring Sarah on to speak about how we can be creative and the importance of belonging in the workplace and in your social circles.

Sarah shares that her company, Tribute, is about paying tribute to who you are and that makeup of experiences and how you can pay that forward to other people.

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Sarah is a speaker, writer, builder, creative and mentor who loves to tell stories. Sarah started her company Tribute because she is “passionate about the power of human connection, and using storytelling as a means to find that connection. When women feel connected, we feel empowered, supported, and most importantly, capable of achieving our most aspirational goals. Without sacrificing who we are, or what we believe in.”

Tribute is a modern, enterprise-level mentorship app that connects individuals through their shared life experiences. And with this, Sarah’s mission is to redefine mentorship through her company.

Sarah’s Why

I want to connect people. I want to connect this world. I want people to not feel alone in their experience.

I have always had a bleeding heart to help the underdog, to help create a better world. I remember famously telling my parents at age nine that I was never going to go into computers, because I wanted to help people.

Three Important Moments

  1. Mentorship relationships have a lot of potential – Sarah shares her personal experience with mentorship early in her career [13:50]
  2. Sarah talks about the amount of money that is involved in starting your own product-based business, and being able to sustain your life as you get your company off the ground, which we don’t often talk about. [19:00]
  3. Sarah defines leadership and breaks down the characteristics of what makes great leaders [33:00]

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