Sabrina believes that in today’s social and political climate, organizations have the potential to be powerful stewards of social change. And her goal is to equip organizations with the tools, knowledge and approach to move along the diversity and inclusion continuum. All of these things combined with Sabrina’s energy make her a powerful force for positive change in the world.

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A little more details about our guest…

As the daughter of immigrant parents and someone who experienced years of bullying, Sabrina has deep passion and commitment towards removing barriers which hinder the progress and participation of marginalized people.

As a workplace inclusion consultant, speaker and workshop facilitator, Sabrina commits to helping organizations create a more inclusive workplace using a design thinking approach. Her knowledge in these spaces, in the workplace and in the world are informed by 10 years of experience.

In the episode, Sabrina recounts that as a person who experiences both privilege and marginality, she is committed to continuous research and dialogue to deepen her understanding of perspectives outside of her own… and we encourage you to dig beyond what you know and challenge your beliefs.

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Check out the episode on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play

Here are the show notes from Sabrina Meherally’s episode and some of our favourite moments…


My why is deeply connected to my own state pf privilege. I am a very self-reflective individual and I am constantly thinking about my experiences and why I am, where I am in my life — how I got here. I bring a constant mindset of gratitude for the things that I have and reflect on the fact that there are others in this world who don’t have those advantages.

I know that I am a minority. I know that I experience marginality in my life. And I want to advocate for those changes. I face barriers when it comes to being in society or being in the workplace, but I recognize as well the perspective that I also face advantage… that I also have advantage. This advantage keeps me humble and keeps me in the position of wanting to give back and use my privilege and use my voice to advocate for other individuals who don’t have those opportunities.


  1. How Sabrina was able to come to accepting her heritage, culture and embrace who she is [9:13]
  2. Why and how Sabrina is constantly trying to educate herself of the perspectives and experiences of people who are not like her [13:52]
  3. How Sabrina pays attention to certain spaces where she may have more privilege and in others where we may be more marginalized [16:00]
  4. When it comes to discussing COVID-19 and the underlying systemic issues and health implications in the US, for example, Sabrina touches upon some of the statistics that expose how marginalized communities may be experiencing a completely different reality. [17:00]
  5. How COVID-19 is impacting the tourism and travel industry in various countries – and how this is more than not being able to take your next vacation [20:00]
  6. Sabrina talks about how organizations can go about re-purposing talent. And what kind of infrastructure is helpful to have in place. [30:00]
  7. Recognizing and properly compensating folks who are in essential roles, our heroes [31:56]
  8. In the future of work, it’s important for us to understand that it is going to be required that we continually update and grow our skill set. [35:00]
  9. The opportunity that organizations have to think about how they can understand the different skills and capabilities their workplace [37:00]
  10. How do we create solutions that everyone can use, where everyone can participate? [43:00]


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