Jennifer Vassel is the author of “I Am Unique!”, a book and empowerment brand about self-love and the importance of sharing your unique gifts with the world. Her goal is to position Erin as the global face of self-love. To encourage and empower young people to own their voice, power, and unique identity.

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A little more details about our guest…

Jennifer Vassel was raised in Los Angeles by Jamaican immigrant parents and discovered her affinity for writing at 6 years old. By 8 years old, she had written her first short story, and by 9, she had been published. Despite her apparent love for her passion, Jennifer found herself working as a Human Resources professional in her adult life. It wasn’t until she heard a prolific New Year’s Eve sermon by her pastor that she chose to pursue writing as a full-time career.

In one of Jennifer’s interviews she makes reference to Dove, where research shows that self-love still remains a big issue for young girls and that 60% of girls opt out of key life activities when they don’t feel good about the way they look. Jennifer has many reasons for which she wrote the book and one of them was after struggling with accepting the large birthmark on her shoulder. Time and time again, Jennifer talks about her mission to position Erin as the face of self-love.

Jennifer has been featured on Black Enterprise, Forbes, Spectrum News 1 (in the greater Los Angeles area), Thrive Global and many more publications. Jennifer is a living representation of what it means to share your unique gifts with the world and her key message is: don’t die with your gifts still on the inside of you; impart to others what was entrusted to you.

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Check out the episode on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play

Here are the show notes from Jennifer Vassel’s episode and some of our favourite moments…


Wanting people, especially little brown girls, to look at me, look at my life and believe that if I can do it, so can they. When I was growing up, I didn’t see anyone who looked like me in the creative / entrepreneurial space. And so, through my life and in my career, I strive to continue to break barriers and really represent for creative women of color.


  1. Jennifer talks about what it was like growing up being interested in becoming a writer and creator [4:00]
  2. Jennifer talks about some of the pain points that she experienced in her early days which has driven her to start this global self-love movement. [6:00]
  3. Jennifer talks about her how her younger selves really knew that she was destined to become a successful writer [11:00]
  4. Why it was so important to create a children’s brand [12:00]
  5. How the initial idea for creating a book series turned into working with educators, creating a guide for parents and even an animated series on television [16:00]
  6. How to leverage your alumni network and connect with folks who are in the industry to amplify your message [17:00]
  7. The top 4 strategies that Jennifer and her business partner used to create a global brand [19:00]
  8. How to collaborate with influencers and folks who have a platform that aligns with yours in a way that is intentional and meaningful [22:00]
  9. Jennifer talks about building the “I Am Unique” community and how she uses social media to share their important message [27:00]
  10. How create ideas come to Jennifer and how she creates ‘flow’ in her life [34:00]


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