David Young values opportunities to help people in the realm of health and fitness. He believes that we need more holistic and encompassing approaches to our activities, goals and ambitions. Through his trainer and practice, he works with clients and has built a team to help people focus on their nutrition, sleep, stress and spirit. How can you build a lifestyle that is healthy, instead of struggling day-to-day to keep up with your habits?

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A little more details about our guest…

David Young has been a personal trainer for last 4 years. He has helped countless Canadians in the Ottawa region attain their fitness and health goals. And, fun fact: David actually trained me for a few months before he started on this new entrepreneurial journey. He values opportunities to help people in the realm of health and fitness, which is why he is currently developing a fitness app that will go a long way to helping people in many more ways than he could as a personal trainer.

David’s knowledge in applied biomechanics, physiology, improving mental health, nutritional guidance, and bettering limitations has really set him apart in this space. He has built a team of people that can provide guidance in the areas of nutrition, sleep, stress, and spirit.

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Check out the episode on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play

Here are the show notes from David Young’s episode and some of our favourite moments…


It is so important to give. My whole standpoint is to give everyone the opportunity. And I want to be able to give more than I can get. If I can help one person, it is going to be all worth it. Giving feels so good to be able to do, and puts me in a position of being happy. That’s my purpose. Once I found the ability to want to give, that’s where I found my true happiness.

Also, there are a lot of people who are looking up to me and I have a responsibility. Especially because I have this knowledge and this opportunity to be able to [share]. It is my responsibility to make sure that I release this [knowledge] and allow people to get to where it is they want to go with their life


  1. How David’s physical training started, especially as someone who couldn’t do a push-up at the age of eighteen [2:30]
  2. Why it is important to take a holistic approach to your health and quality of life [6:00]
  3. How David’s philosophy around health and wellness evolved over the years [7:00]
  4. An exercise David uses to help clients: “A Day in the Life” [11:30]
  5. What the transition from personal training at an established corporation to building a venture [15:00]
  6. Why your “spirit” and mental clarity is a critical component of being and feeling healthy [20:00].
  7. Why people have a hard time sleeping [24:00]
  8. How you breathe says a lot about your composure and stress levels [27:30]


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