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March 2020


Why We Need to Hear Your Unique Message | Karina Cotran

Karina recounts: “From childhood to adolescence to adulthood, everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere. But sometimes, there is that one thing that makes you feel out of place at times. For me, that was my hearing impairment”.

Karina has an empowering story about her personal journey of hearing loss and receiving a cochlear implant at an early age. Karina’s journey is explored in her book Hearing Differently.Karina is 24 years-old, a writer, and has a BA in Professional Writing and Communications and has extensive experience in marketing, communications, and the world of creating captivating content.

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On Curiosity and the Passionate Pursuit of Life Science | Dr. Naomi I. Maria

Dr. Naomi I. Maria beautifully recounts her childhood experiences and how this shaped her to embrace her truth. She is a passionate and dedicated Immunologist from the small Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao.

Today, Naomi is an innovative and passionate immunologist, with a broad background in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences. Fascinated by the immune system in health and disease, she is using her incredible analytical skills and creative insights to solve problems that she is passionate about solving.

I met Naomi during one of Find Your Tribe’s virtual sessions. She currently lives in New York City and investing in her learning and development in the health and science space.

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Changing the Face of the Publishing Industry | Hanieh & Shabana

Hanieh and Shabana are working to change the face of publishing through their work and venture, Peacock Press. Their love for creating and uplifting the community is what keeps them going on this journey.

A lot of writers struggle to get their voices heard. When you are out there in the world trying to show people what you are working on, oftentimes, it’s women’s voices that are stifled.

Peacock Press was born because we felt we needed to give a platform to women to have their voices heard. A platform where they can talk, share their stories, and reach out to people. It was born from that need to give other people their space to share their voices – especially to women of colour, First Nations people, LGBTQ+, anyone with a disability, we want to give voice to those who have been historically unheard.

Have you seen the cover of “Because I Can”? Every single person is purposefully placed on the cover of the book.

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