Alex Keenan loves and embraces the power of storytelling. Alex helps people overcome their fears and insecurities to become confident, effective speakers. People who have the capacity to inspire audiences and share their messages further than they ever thought possible. Want to learn more? Listen to this week’s episode…

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Alex Keenan is a public speaking coach who helps people overcome fear and self-doubt so that they learn how to shine. Through her business, Stage Light Communications, she runs public speaking classes that are known for being spontaneous, transformative – and fun. She is also the founder of Spice! Leadership, an initiative for preteens that boosts confidence and leadership skills.

She helps people find the stories inside themselves, and importantly, the confidence and skills to share those stories with their community and the world. From courtrooms (back to her legal days), to conferences and crowded bars, Alex has spoken to crowds of all kinds and helped bridge communication gaps between people.

Watch this episode if you are curious about public speaking and sharing your knowledge with your peers, crowds of leaders and groups of people that you admire.

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Check out the episode on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play

Here are the show notes from Alex’s episode and some of my favourite moments…


Unlocking human potential. In order for us to solve the problems that are the most pressing in our world – whether it is climate change, inequality, or unnecessary suffering – we need to be willing to put ourselves out there. To be open and vulnerable. TO share our truths and our ideas. And get them out in front of people and that is going to be uncomfortable a lot of the time because in order to solve these problems, we need to depart from what has been done before. I help people find the courage and the power within themselves to share their ideas and their truths.


  • How Alex’s coaching world and work came to life… and it is not what you think [6:00]
  • Why public speaking is tightly tied to confidence building [10:30]
  • How Alex developed her public speaking skill and practice [15:30]
  • Why Alex decided to take up improvisation [18:00]
  • Alex’s tips for public speaking and how you can get started [22:00]
  • Why Alex records her public speaking experiences to watch back later and improve [25:00]
  • How Alex was able to get outside her comfort zone through improve classes [42:08]



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