Rhianna Paige Hardy decided to disrupt her life by moving abroad to pursue new educational challenges. She uprooted her life in Canada and moved to the U.K. to pursue her passion for advocacy and people. She is currently a student at Cardiff University.

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Rhianna grew up in Canada, and is originally from Toronto. For university, she decided to move to Ottawa to purse her finance degree at the University of Ottawa. From what I remember, Rhianna was incredibly involved in school, which is actually how our paths crossed. I remember Rhianna being part of the community, using her valuable skills to move projects forward and bring up creative ideas. I remember her being a go-getter.

After school, Rhianna spent 3 years in the workforce and that’s when she decided to take action and move the process forward when it came to applying to Law school in the U.K. – something that she had actually been thinking about for a while. It was in 2017, that Rhianna made the career change from working in finance for a commercial real estate company in Toronto, to becoming a criminal and family barrister at the bar of England and Wales.

Watch this episode if you are curious about what it’s like to take a risk and move abroad for a new adventure, to start school, a new job or simply to get outside your “normal”.

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Check out the episode on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play

Here are the show notes from Rhianna’s episode and some of my favourite moments…


My parents always challenged me to do better. They would say: “If you can do better, do better”.


  • How to make decisions around moving abroad to attend law school [5:25]
  • Why living abroad is something that she would absolutely recommend to anybody [21:46]
  • How to get outside your comfort zone by setting goals [34:10]
  • How to set effective goals that are measurable, for different areas of your life (i.e. academic, personal, and wellbeing, etc.) [43:00]
  • How to revisit and assess your goals and not being afraid to change them [46:00]



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