Trishala Pillai is fascinated by humans, machines and the impact human-AI collaboration will have on society and work. She is fuelled by work where she can be curios, contribute to revenue and growth, while creating shared prosperity.

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Trishala is the Partnerships Manager of AI + Voice Channel Partners at Myplanet, where she is working with big and emerging tech companies to help the world’s most influential organizations take complex business problems and understand where AI can be useful. Her career in tech has made her realize that technology is advancing faster than human wisdom and to advance our collective knowledge on the challenges of our lifetime, we need to stay closely tied to our communities.

Trishala founded a change project called The Dialogue Xchange enables her to influence change within our community. This is a change project, that is backed by 2 leading incubators in Ontario and endorsed by the Ontario Government. You are double down on what makes us uniquely human and use dialogue as a hard tool to enable society to deal with the vast amount of change in the world. You are researching the ultimate human interest activity we take for granted and have historically struggled with…dialogue.

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Here are the show notes from Trishala’s episode and some of my favourite moments…


My why is to leave the world better than it was when I got here through my direct contribution – through something that I built or was a part of. I’m really passionate about systemic change and I really want to be a part of molding and shaping our systems that have not traditionally served as many people as it could. This is what motivates me every day.


  • What is it like being a third-culture kid? [5:15]
  • How Trishala sees her passions and ambitions REALLY feeding one over-arching vision. [7:52]
  • Trishala believes that deploying artificial intelligence involves as much business, as it is technology and there is a huge opportunity (more than it has been historically) for individuals in non-traditional backgrounds to contribute very actively to this sector. [8:07]
  • “I have very uniquely positioned myself through my work to be a fly on the wall of these very fascinating companies that operate so differently” [9:04]
  • I wanted to choose an experience that was more values-aligned that allowed me to, not just be a part of building a business, but build a business without losing my own soul. [10:08]
  • How Trishala opens her mind to creative ideas in her work, while also making intentional career decisions [16:46]
  • Why Trishala recommends learning the craft of sales if you are interested in starting your own company [18:34]
  • A perspective on how hard work can get you out of any hole or challenge that you are working through. [27:39]
  • Self-awareness, ruthless prioritization and maintaining a balance are three important elements that Trishala keeps at the forefront when making personal and professional decisions. [33:00]
  • Why you must put your health first [36:00]
  • What living life on purpose means to Trishala [46:00]
  • What makes you gravitate towards the experiences that are already on your plate? [49:13]
  • You are more than enough and are capable to continuing to do the work that you do [1:08:00]
  • “Recognize that you might not know everything, but what you know is enough to make a start and get you closer to where you want to be. The beauty is in starting.” [1:09:00]



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