Kevwe Mowarin wants women to feel empowered. The whole purpose of her brand is to empower and uplift other women. This is what she thinks about as her true north and it defines everything that she does on a day to day with Koviem.

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Kevwe Mowarin has lived and worked in the grand city of New York City for the past 3 years. At 19 years old, Kevwe started working in the finance industry, truly expecting to build a career in investment banking. She navigated her career, put in long hours, worked with high-profile clients and also found it quite difficult being “one of the very few”, as a woman of colour in the finance space.

Kevwe holds a degree in finance from the University of Texas. She spent 7 months studying fashion in Milan, and that was around the time that she started working on the designs for her business, and brought on a tailor shortly after. She invested in her vision and business. Which business?

Kevwe is the Founder of Koviem, a company that is revolutionizing the custom suiting industry and specifically attending to the needs of women. Kevwe believes that the times where custom suits were: “once reserved for wealthy businessmen, [that] the power suit is now the uniform for the female of the future”. She is using AI technology to disrupt the industry to offer seamless, simple, and swift custom suits.

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Here are the show notes from Kevwe’s episode and some of my favourite moments…


Kevwe says that her why is: “Empowering and uplifting other women. Everything that I plan on doing from now until I die should fit within that purpose, or I’m being misdirected”.

This is what Kevwe thinks about as her true north and it defines everything that she does on a day to day through and with Koviem.


  • Her approach to problem solving: “With my investment banking background, I am always trying to find a creative way to structure a deal or value a company and the answer can never be “I don’t know”. Yeah, this is a hard problem to solve, but there has to be a way. And I’m still iterating and getting closer to solving the problem, instead of just abandoning it”.
  • Ask yourself: What are my blind spots? What can I do to close that gap? Kevwe started to surround herself with advisors who have worked with other large fashion brands to help her develop in the areas that weren’t her strengths. [22:28]
  • “Self-awareness is knowing your strengths and weakness and doing something about it”. [23:17]
  • Kevwe’s thoughts on having a vision: “I don’t know how people can stay motivated without a grand vision in mind. You would just get steered in so many different directions without a focus”.
  • “Vision without actual action is just daydreaming”. [34:11]
  • How Kewve’s makes decisions as someone who is clear on her north star and vision. [38:00]


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