Cultivating Your Craft & Investing in Your Relationships with Courtney Connley

“No matter what rooms and spaces you walk into be your authentic self.”

– Courtney Connley

Courtney Connley is a well-established journalist who has produced content for both print and online platforms. After graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in journalism, Courtney started her media career as a freelancer for Cosmopolitan magazine. From there, she went on to work for Black Enterprise magazine where she worked her way up to careers editor. At Black Enterprise, she covered daily news for the website around career trends, finance, entrepreneurship and lifestyle as it pertains to the black community.

Currently, Courtney is a careers reporter for CNBC Make It, which is a CNBC platform that focuses on educating a younger audience about careers, money, entrepreneurship and leadership. Courtney has years of experience in business journalism and has produced content that focuses largely on diversity in the workplace as it relates to both race and gender.

Watch this episode, if you want to deepen your understanding around risk-taking and believing in your mission. Courtney talks about the challenges and opportunities that she had moving to New York and starting her journey just a few years ago.

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Watch the episode on YouTube! Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or on your favourite podcast platform. Below are the show notes from the episode and highlights that Courtney has shared based on her experiences.

Six Awe-IMPORTANT Moments

  • Focus on building genuine relationships and engage with people who inspire you via email, go to their events, message them… get closer to the sun [18:10]
  • When you don’t put yourself out there, you are already starting at a “no”. Give yourself a chance to get to a “yes” [19:55]
  • Network with people who are coming into the industry with you and build with your peers [20:00]
  • In today’s age, the ball is in your court to tell your story and build your personal brand [27:00]
  • Don’t be afraid to pitch yourself for speaking engagements. It’s a ripple effect and could lead to opportunities you didn’t even know existed. [35:00]
  • Does the mission of the company align with your own mission? [44:00]

Courtney’s WHY

I strongly believe that my why is to impact “my people”, specifically black people, specifically black women. I understand the power of representation and having women in spaces that look like you and can relate to you. Right now, that’s through journalism. I do a lot of writing about women in the workplace, diversity in the workplace, black women leadership, black people in C-Suites and Executive positions. I’m bringing those conversations to the forefront at the mainstream level. And recognizing that I belong in these spaces and by me being in these spaces, I can bring other people who look like me into those spaces.

My purpose is to make a real change for black people, and be there for another black girl to go after what they want.

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