Small Steps to Build Self Awareness with Francesca Phillips

“For people who may feel like they need to look here or talk to this person for the answers. We don’t realize just how much the answers to a lot of questions in life are already in us”.

– Francesca Phillips

Listen to this episode if you want to deepen your understanding around cultivating your self-awareness muscles. Francesca talks about how she navigated self-understanding and discovering her identity as she traveled the world.

Francesca is a writer, entrepreneur, and blogger. She started her blog “Go Bloom in the City”

and I really wanted to unpack with her some of the internal dialogues she had when deciding to move abroad, start a business, continuing to pursue her creative endeavours. Francesca has worked in the music industry, in marketing and in the tech sector – a wide range of very impressive opportunities — and she has also lived in a few different cities. From Los Angeles, to Zurich with her husband, and now she’s in in New York City.

Let us know what you learned from the episode and how you shaped it into practical advice for your own life.

Connect with Francesca Phillips

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Watch the episode on YouTube! Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or on your favourite podcast platform. Below are the show notes from the episode and highlights that Francesca has shared based on her experiences.

Five Awe-IMPORTANT Moments

  • Your health is NON-NEGOTIABLE [27:00]
  • How to make it easier for yourself to make the small decisions that you sometimes procrastinate [32:00]
  • How having a morning routine brings Francesca clarity [38:00]
  • I am not my feelings and emotions – how Francesca separates “who she is” from “what’s she is feeling” [44:00]
  • Francesca’s advice for moving abroad, to a different country, a new city [47:00]

Francesca’s WHY

“I have often felt like my why is to help other people not feel so lonely, because that’s something that I struggled with. My why is helping others who feel lost or alone and giving them that hope again”. – Francesca Phillips

You can watch the YouTube video here, if that’s your thing:

Cool People & Resources Referenced

  1. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  2. Francesca’s workbook called “Power in Purpose” “Your Step-by-Step Morning Routine Guide”. 
  3. The Five Minute Journal by Intelligent Change
  4. THAT David Goggins Interview with Tom Bilyeu
  5. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero


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