What It Means to Bet on Yourself with Dhouha Haddad

“I am FULLY committed to altering the DNA of the next generation”. – Dhouha Haddad.

Listen to this episode if you want to learn how to fully bet on yourself, learn how to approach living life on the best case scenarios “list”, and stop living a fear-based life that is holding you back.

Dhouha asks: “Why don’t we create some intergenerational healing? Why don’t we create some intergenerational empowerment? Why don’t we create some intergenerational confidence? Why don’t we create some intergenerational awakening?” She is setting out to work with people who are purpose-driven. Especially women of colour who are underrepresented in key leadership roles around the world.

Dhouha Haddad believes that some of the key things that have led her to where she is today is being a second generation immigrant, becoming a mother at a young age, having a social work background… She was born in Tunisia, raised in Canada, spent a year in Jersey (some time ago), and now she lives in Ottawa. Who knows what the future holds next for her.

Through her coaching, Dhouha helps other women unlock their confidence to become emotionally intelligent leaders so they may achieve their world impact with power and posture.

Reach out to Dhouha if you want to learn how to start embracing your light and stop playing small.

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Watch the episode on YouTube! Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or on your favourite podcast platform. Below are the show notes from the episode and highlights that Dhouha has shared based on her experiences.

Five Awe-IMPORTANT Moments

  • The exercise that Dhouha took time to focus and use to think about her life. She asked herself: “What does my mind, heart and my body need?” [15:30]
  • What is living a fear-based life? [21:00]
  • How Dhouha started to let go of what she thought was right, what she though was bad, what she thought was supposed to be. To start listening more to her soul, to her heart, and start trusting her intuition a lot more [27:30]
  • What a purpose-driven life looks like for Dhouha – NOT in general [32:00]
  • How Dhouha started living her life on the list of best case scenarios [45:00]

Dhouha’s WHY

“I was born to be a catalyst for change. In the sense of empowering those that are in key positions for change. We can’t wait for society to create the perfect space for us. The space is created by those trailblazers who forge ahead and demand that space, who occupy that space. Dhouha sees herself as the catalyst for those people who are stepping up to those levels”. – Dhouha Haddad.

You can listen to the YouTube video here, if that’s your thing:

Cool People & Resources Referenced

  1. Podcast episode with Tim Ferris and Jim Collins
  2. Wellness Culture Festival in Jamaica called Tmrw.Tday
  3. The Confidence Code by Kathy Kay and Claire Shipman



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