“I see myself speaking in front of crowds and inspiring people to pursue their own dreams. So I decided to start with one, single thing. One event. Which is essentially a mini-version of the grand vision that I have. I know that if I don’t start with this one thing, then I will never know”. – Mimi Boyer

Watch this episode if you want to deepen your understanding around finding fulfillment in your life and work towards being happy, even on Mondays.

Mimi Boyer is a side hustle coach, the founder of Happy on Mondays, a motivational speaker and a course creator. Mimi wants to help people realize that side hustles is one way to experiencing fulfilment and creating independence in your life. Before her journey creating this movement, Mimi was working in the corporate world.

Mimi started her corporate career working for a few giants in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, making her way up in sales. After spending years in this industry, drinking the “corporate kool-aid”, she felt that she lost track of her true essence. Mimi says that she “spent 6 years asleep in the corporate life, climbing the steps successfully without even once stopping to ask myself the question: WHY!?” After experiencing a breakdown and extreme burnout – this was her signal that maybe it was time. So she took the next 3 months to prepare her exit strategy.

Today, Mimi is a full-time entrepreneur, building the “Happy on Mondays” movement. She spends her days coaching clients, building programs and courses, speaking on stages, and inspiring other people to get their spark back on and actually achieve true fulfillment.

If you can relate to this, then this episode was made for you.

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Watch the episode on YouTube! Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or on your favourite podcast platform. Below are the show notes from the episode and highlights that Mimi has shared based on her experiences.

The Show Notes

  • Mimi talks about her origin story and what came before starting “Happy on Mondays” and coaching [3:50]
  • Mimi had the perfect job on paper, she talks about how she grappled with this [5:50]
  • As soon as Mimi had this breakthrough moment and decided that she didn’t want to continue on the journey she was on, for 3 months she planned and strategized her exit strategy [8:21]
  • Mimi’s talks about her initial business idea, that she was strategizing with in France for a month. [9:40]
  • Her month in Paris was about ironing out her idea, how she was going to pitch to companies, etc… [10:00]
  • Three months before she left her job, Mimi was focused on developing the vision for “Happy on Mondays”, saving enough money to avoid the stress of covering her lifestyle expenses, and attending events to learn more about herself [10:58]
  • What Mimi’s husband said to get Mimi out of her analysis paralysis “funk” [14:23]
  • What Mimi was doing to grow the “Happy on Mondays” movement through her events and how she leveraging other crowds by going to networking events [16:54]
  • Mimi talks about what she saw in her corporate setting and how common it was to see people who were unfulfilled at work [21:50]
  • She wanted to help more people be happy, even on Mondays [23:00]
  • Mimi talks about her technique for reaching out to people online that could be a part of her movement and how she authentically shared her mission. [24:19]
  • How Mimi used the risk of leaving her corporate job to her advantage [27:11]
  • How important Mimi’s support system was incredibly important for growing her business and being productive [28:00]
  • How you can change your sentiment around your full-time job and use it to fuel your passions [31:00]
  • Leverage the resources, people and knowledge at your corporate job and the importance of delivering your all at work, while also having energy at the end of the day to fuel your passions when you get home. [33:00]
  • What are the things that get you really excited and already obsessed with? These are the things you need to focus on when it comes to delivering value to others with your ideas [35:00]

Mimi’s WHY

I’m meant to inspire people to get their spark back on and actually achieve true fulfillment and happiness. I spent a year broadcasting this message and now I’m getting people into action, so instead of just inspiring them, I want to give people the steps and action plan to get started on their ideas.

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