This talk with Komal Minhas dives into her journey creating multiple businesses, an online news platfom and digital community called and living out her mission, which is to: “create and fund work that I wish existed when I was younger”. I got a lot of value from this episode as Komal shares why it’s incredibly important to take care of your health and wellness as you do work that matters.

“If I write this down, it will happen. Because I am that committed to myself and what I want to build.” – Komal Minhas 

Komal Minhas is the Founder of, which is an online news platform focused on work, wellness and impact, alongside a private, digital community on Instagram. It is a subscription-based news model that incorporates collaboration and community into journalism.

Komal also runs two of her dream companies – Komal Minhas Inc. and KoMedia. She is an international speaker, who invests in start-ups and media productions. She co-founded and premiered her feature-length documentary film, with her co-founder Erin Bagwell, called “Dream, Girl” and was named to Oprah’s Super Soul 100 list.

This episode is for people who want to learn about building healthy relationships around work and wellness. Komal also talks in depth about her journey overcoming her cancer diagnoses and surgeries. She is incredibly intuitive and has found a way to derive meaning from her life experiences.

Watch and/or listen this episode if you want to deepen your understanding around integrating work, wellness and impact in your life. Why is this important? Because if you want to put your best and most authentic work out in the world, these three things must be aligned.

Connect with Komal here:

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Watch the episode on YouTube! Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or on your favourite podcast platform. Below are the show notes from the episode and highlights that Komal has shared based on her experiences.

The Show Notes

  • Komal talks how she heard about Dream Girl and immediately got involved to financially support the film, and join as a Producer and Co-Founder [8:50]
  • Komal’s experience with cancer and the learnings she had around grief and what it means to being whole [11:30]
  • Why it’s sometimes hard to be the first one [16:54]
  • The trauma of our childhoods linger with us and they stay with us, it’s our responsibility as adults to heal [18:54]
  • In the face of hardship and adversity, there are options. Komal believes that community is an important piece when it comes to overcoming shit [20:18]
  • is an online news platform focused on work, wellness and impact, alongside a private, digital community on Instagram. [22:30]
  • We’re seeing news… and there is a need to transform, in terms of its business model. Things are shifting and Komal talks about how is responding to that [23:20]
  • Komal talks about her drive and why she is compelled to continue to do the work that lights her soul on fire. [29:29]
  • Komal talks about how she nourishes and cultivates her support network [31:31]
  • What is a risk that Komal took that paid off and one that didn’t, and what she learned from both [33:15]
  • Abundance mindset around money and why Komal’s experience with money is that “it flows” [36:00]
  • What Komal thought she would be doing 5 years ago [43:15]

Komal’s WHY

“I create and fund work that I wish existed when I was younger”. Anything that Komal puts her time, effort, energy, money into are products, services and businesses that she believes in.

What breaks Komal’s heart is unrealized potential, which is why she wants to be “a part of that larger shift and change so that more people feel seen and more people can fulfill their potential”.

You can watch the YouTube video and our live reactions here:

Cool Things Referenced

  1. Dream Girl Documentary
  2. Marie Forleo championed the “Dream, Girl” film
  4. Your Integrated Life PDF via the


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