These are some of the things that I think about.


Through community building I’ve discovered purpose around representation, professional development, personal enlightenment, and connecting with like-minded disruptors. And it’s been quite empowering to keep sights on a vision that is so grand, and slightly beyond reach — with my incredible co-founder, Samukele. We have decided with unwavering determination that our vision will manifest with the support and fire of our community.

Find Your Tribe was inspired by our drive to see more women of colour in top leadership positions and in key decision-making circles.

Efforts to build community around women of colour and allies, are clearly personal. And I’ve experienced the positive influence of having a support network that you trust and that believes in you. This is the very reason why Samukele and I are building Find Your Tribe.

We host inclusive, educational, and empowering events where our community leaders leave our spaces more knowledgeable, equipped and empowered to continue being change makers in the world.

Owning our identities, supporting each other’s journeys, celebrating the strength and importance of inclusion — these are all imperative for a thriving community.

I aspire to encourage more people OWN their identity.

I aspire to lead conversations around representation.

I aspire to build bigger, more inclusive tables.

I aspire to empower other people.

I aspire to mobilize allies.

I aspire to…


What do you aspire to?