This talk with Maddie Hession talks about addressing our fears and how to tactically do the things that sometimes scare us. I got a lot of value from this episode as Maddie shares the day-to-day of building her business in the fitness and nutrition space.

Maddie Hession (gofor_maddie) began her career at the age of 14 as a professional fashion model. Maddie has always been cognizant of “physique” and health, as a model and competitive ski racer. From early on, Maddie noticed a gap in the industry about the knowledge of health and the education of young girls on how to get to where the wat to be in a sustainable way. Maddie learned the value of health and the importance of having a fitness and nutrition coach as a factor in life and in achieving success in her career and personal life.

With her BA in Athletic Development and Health and Minor in Entrepreneurship, Maddie is on a mission to make health simple and give her clients the building blocks for a sustainable lifestyle of health and wellness.

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The Show Notes

  • Maddie’s opinion on the GAP within the modeling industry and how she learned the value of health at a young age [3:00]
  • How Maddie was able to succeed as a model, while putting her health first [3:45]
  • Why your support network is a crucial aspect of being able to remain on course and aligned with your vision. [4:00]
  • Why learning the background in health in post-secondary studies, coupled with entrepreneurship gave Maddie an edge when starting her business. [5:40]
  • Why Maddie thinks it’s important to have a mentor who has already done what you are trying to do [7:00]
  • The pros and cons of having a “back-up plan” [8:15]
  • The fears of jumping in and going after what you want. How to tap into your belief in yourself to achieve what you have set out to do. [9:30]
  • Looking at hard things and seeing it as INSANE opportunity to learn, grow and delegate to those who can do that specific thing better than you [13:35]
  • How to get over that first “hump” of overwhelm [14:25]
  • Why taking things personally will actually hold you back in business [16:10]
  • Maddie’s thoughts on having a coach when starting a business – or having someone that you can look up to. [16:50]
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with positive people [22:28]
  • How Maddie ensures that her days are not just busy, but PRODUCTIVE [24:13]
  • How Maddie perceives self-doubt and manages her fears [28:00]
  • Why Maddie believes entrepreneurs lead with their hearts [32:00]
  • Maddie talks about how to overcome analysis paralysis [33:30]

Maddie’s WHY

Maddie has realized that her gift is service. Helping as many people as she can to find ease in their lives. Watching people bloom into everything they ever wanted to be.

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Cool Things Referenced

  • The Morning Flood by Tony Robbins


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