Caroline encourages us to “push through the fear that are aligned with our goals. I was ecstatic when Caroline Hannah agreed to join me on the Power of WHY Podcast.

Caroline is someone who has had an incredible impact on my life during my time at the Telfer School of Management. Through her coaching, love of relationship building, and undeniable desire to connect with the people she meets. Caroline continues to shed led on the importance of community and pushing through the fears that are aligned with your goals… she recommends that we go for it. That we relentlessly pursue our dreams.


Career strategy and some techniques when it comes to making moves, advancing, and being intentional in your career. In order to truly do this for yourself, self-awareness is HUGE. We go over some of Caroline’s personal experiences and lessons regarding where to start in your self-awareness journey. And throughout our conversation, we discuss the importance of seeing relationship-building as a key strength in your personal and professional life.


  1. Talk about your career trajectory and some of the roles that you have held.
  2. How strategic were you when you were making moves in your career?
  3. What are some questions that young people can ask themselves to help us start building self-awareness?
  4. How do you overcome challenges? Can you speak to the importance of getting out of your comfort zone early on in your career?
  5. The best career advice that you have received (that really rung true for you when you look back), especially when you first entered the workforce.
  6. How is having a relationship-oriented lens a strength?



Caroline’s WHY is always changing. When she first started in this role, her meaning was one of giving back… but it’s more than that. Caroline wants to make a difference. She feels she is in a fortunate situation to have a positive impact through her experience on the generations of tomorrow. Caroline’s role at the university as a relationship manager, puts her right in the middle of her WHY. In a university environment, she has the opportunity to ensure that her students have what they need (experiences and connections) to be in a strong position to have a positive impact.


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