Manifest Your Greatest Goals & Ultimate Vision with Lizl Fleury

There’s a new wave of more and more people being honest about the struggles, self-doubt, reservations, and challenges they face on a day-to-day basis and Lizl Fleury shares some of her experience with respect to this.

Lizl’s entrepreneurial journey is remarkable and inspiring. She started her career as a web developer and gracefully transitioned into becoming a yoga instructor (without the initial intention to teach), and a short time after, became the owner of Elevate Yoga, a studio on Elgin street in Ottawa.

Lizl’s goal is to “share the connection to mind, body, and being that I found in yoga with anyone and everyone who seeks it. No matter where you are in your practice, I welcome you with open arms and an open heart” (Elevate Yoga).


Lizl’s experience building and continuing to grow her business, manifesting her vision to life through a vision board exercise, and how she intentionally shapes a culture of “family”, “inclusiveness”, and “home”.


  1. Your journey as a business owner is quite remarkable. You experienced revelations when it came to starting your business. Can you talk about this? @01:22
  2. Can you speak to your vision board and how it has positively impacted your life and manifesting your vision? @05:50
  3. What earlier experiences do you oftentimes find yourself drawing from when accomplishing your work today? @08:05
  4. What is Elevate’s “IT FACTOR”? What has been the leading priority at Elevate Yoga for you and your team? @09:50
  5. What do you do that helps with aligning your day and setting yourself up for greatness?


Lizl’s biggest WHY is to live life in the best way that she knows how. To live a good life. And to treat people with kindness.


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