Tiffanie believes in the importance of representation, diversity and inclusion, and works to amplify the voices of marginalized communities through Girls+ Rock Ottawa. Tiffanie aims to change the face of the music industry.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Tiffanie is the Chair of Girls+ Rock Ottawa, a community organization that uses music programming to foster empowerment, acceptance and community. A senior advisor for the federal government by day, Tiffanie is a graduate of Carleton University where she obtained her Master’s Degree in International Affairs.


Creating a community that makes a difference by leveraging your passions. There is incredible strength that comes by joining forces with those who believe the same things that you believe. And teaming with those who are willing to put in the work, to turn your combined vision into reality.

Clearly defining the organization’s WHY, finding the right people to collaborate on projects, and creating an ambiance and culture that supports people are keys to making things happen.


  1. You are the chair of Girls+ Rock Ottawa, alongside a 9-5 job. What drew you to being involved in your community.
  2. What has your involvement with Girls+ Rock Ottawa taught you about business, running a charity, managing people?
  3. What are some of the challenges that you face running a non-profit?
  4. Some people may enter this space with the desire to make a difference in their communities and execute on their BIG plans. How do you ensure that even when things are difficult (funding, people, conflicts) that you persevere through the challenges?
  5. What is the most rewarding thing about serving your community?


Tiffanie’s WHY is to see more representation of minority groups in the workplace and in the media. She believes that if she can keep “moving up” within her organization, increase autonomy and authority, she will then be able to lift other people who are under-represented.


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