This is episode 1, part 1 with Rebecca McCormick!

I am ecstatic to introduce my very first guest, who has a lot of great experiences to share.

I have been thinking about launching this project for a while now, but only recently built up the courage to start. And Rebecca was one of the first people to cross my mind when I started brainstorming topics and content. She is successful, hard-working, and driven to help those around her.

Rebecca spent ten years in medical administration before completing her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Ottawa.

And thanks to the Telfer Profession of Management Consulting Program, she has shifted to the world of consulting as an analyst at a global consulting firm.

She is a volunteer member of the GenNEXT Cabinet at United Way Ottawa and a proud member of the Social Enterprise Giving Circle. Ask Rebecca about the profession at any GenNEXT Mix & Mingle in Ottawa!


Not only did we discuss how important it is to develop strong relationships with your peers in university, at work, or through volunteer opportunities, we also discussed the importance of specializing and developing your area of expertise once you enter the workforce.


  1. What were some of the important skills that you actively developed throughout university to get to where you are today?
  2. How were you able to leverage the skills that you learned in university, in your career?
  3. What factors do you consider when looking for a role and company to work for?
  4. How to navigate having difficult conversations with your boss?
  5. The best advice you have received? Especially at the start of your career.


Rebecca’s WHY is to build professional skills which will help her lead a valuable life and to help others do the same.



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